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The UEGT Story

UEGT was born from a passion for growing unusual things that exploded into a micro-farming adventure. From food to flowers, birds to bees, soup to soap, UEGT does it all using less than half of our 3 acre rural property.

Aside from a passion to grow the unusual, the UEGT homestead developed out of a strong desire to become more self sufficient by growing fresh food year round in an area of Ontario that experiences the 4 seasons. Embracing a mixture of growing methods from traditional tilled beds to raised gardens, indoor light gardens and small scale greenhouse growing, UEGT is continuously evolving and incorporating new techniques and practices, all while doing our best to be good stewards of our little slice of the planet.

Over the last few years, UEGT has been expanding in order to enter into the domain of market gardening. As a first step to test the waters as a small scale market garden, we are offering a limited number of CSA subscriptions for the 2021 growing season. If all goes as planned we will increase the subscription numbers for 2022. We’re in the process of implementing a multi year plan to increase production on our micro farm to gain a solid footing in our local market garden industry. Careful planning is a must when you have limited growing space. This is something I have to continuously remind myself of when I want to push harder and move faster to reach this goal.

In addition to growing the unusual, UEGT is also focused on taking the harvest and using it to create products for use in every day life. Recently we launched our bath and body product line, and we are currently looking into the feasibility of producing some of our home preserved goods such as honey jams and fruit blended apple sauces at a local food production facility. This webpage is means for us to share our stories and experiences as a developing artisan market garden. We hope to inspire those of you out there who have entered into the art of gardening or homesteading, or are thinking about doing so. This site will also provide us the means to offer our harvest created wares for sale to those of you wish to enjoy the yields while staying out of the fields.

Thanks for stopping by to check us out. As I write this, the days are slowly getting longer again, and it won’t be long until it’s time to put on the rubber boots, grab the garden tools, and get out there and get dirty!



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